CIAM F5 proposal 2017

Alan Flockhart

Proposal to lower f5f wmin to 900 and 6S setups.


I agree they need to bring it back as a beginner level. I guess a 10S f5b spec motor when running on 6S would be on the right ballpark. So power wise is sensible

Only challenge I have is the airframes should bring the f5b ones into play otherwise you need 2 planes if you want to subsequently move up to f5b.

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Hi Alan

I have the CIAM proposals from Peter Halman, for our consideration prior to voting

There is only the 900W/min proposal for F5B, which I have attached.

If you can let me know whether we(you ) are   For/Against/Abstain or have any amendments (which I would need written in the correct "FAI speak") I can add them to Peter's document.

Could do with them by a week today please - or sooner!!