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Steve Burns

The German proposal seems like a good idea and with airframe size it would be a good idea to open it up to F5B size airframes but my preference would be to completely do away with the class as a FAI class in a attempt to increase F5B numbers. Beginners classes should be a local comp thing as we do and not a FAI class. The section about the limiter needs work and a little bit of thought.  

The energy consumption of the motor shall not exceed 900 Watt x min. An electronic device shall limit (or at least monitor) the energy consumption.

The wording "or at least monitor" suggests an energy sensor can be fitted and monitor energy but this then needs a additional section of ruling regarding checking energy used after the flight by the time keeper and then what penalty to be applied if over the 900W/min limit?

If it is intended as a beginners class then is a limiter really a good idea? No problem in my mind but I do remember some experienced pilots not wanting a limiter in F5B and F5J due to not being able to restart the motor when landing their glider.  


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Proposal to lower f5f wmin to 900 and 6S setups.


I agree they need to bring it back as a beginner level. I guess a 10S f5b spec motor when running on 6S would be on the right ballpark. So power wise is sensible

Only challenge I have is the airframes should bring the f5b ones into play otherwise you need 2 planes if you want to subsequently move up to f5b.

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Hi Alan

I have the CIAM proposals from Peter Halman, for our consideration prior to voting

There is only the 900W/min proposal for F5B, which I have attached.

If you can let me know whether we(you ) are   For/Against/Abstain or have any amendments (which I would need written in the correct "FAI speak") I can add them to Peter's document.

Could do with them by a week today please - or sooner!!