F5B Nationals / BARCS Radioglide result

Alan Flockhart

Evening All,    We finally had a day at the BMFA National Flying Center where we were not blown away.   8 competitors started the day and despite a few little mishaps (errr who forget to connect their gasbox :) ) no major repairs are needed for future flights.

Jos showed his very consistent form following on from his win at Gommersheim last week at the Eurotour event. He wasn't the only one shelling out 50 legs as Alan did manage to beat him to the perfect score of 1130 on the day!   Jos did though fly more than well enough to take the win from his first 3 flights. Greg and Alan had a good fight for the 2nd placing during the first 2 rounds then Alan managed to sneak away in rd3 but Greg came back for the round win in Rd4. Dick and Paul flew very solidly throughout the day.  Once Paul has a bit more time on the course he has LOTs of wmin spare to turn the wick up a bit. He will definitely be challenging Dick in the future.    We also welcomed Mark back to the fold.  Mark had the honour of getting the Nats wmin trophy for chewing through lots of Haribo during the flight (1944 wmin)

Intermediate winner, Tony, unfortunately has an incredibly long walk back to the Blackpool area after his 2nd win of the season.  Apparently Kyri had told Tony on the drive down he wouldn't be talking him back if he was beaten.....   Kyri had a lovely new plane to fly and had a few concerning moments with it.  These meant he didn't reach its full potential.  I expect these will be sorted for the Eurotour event.

Final result for FAI was Jos (2988.5), Alan (2074.1) and Greg (2960.5)

Intermediate result Tony (3000) and Kyri (2262.9)

Many thanks for all the assistance with running the event.  Nice and smooth running comp despite the 'mosquitoes' which kept plaguing when they kept trying to thermal over the course!

Results from today attached along with the current UK league ranking. The stats files are also included.

Next event is the Eurotour at Woodchurch 29/30 June.   Please remember to enter