Kit for sale

Steve Burns <steve.burns@...>

Things are changing for me and I no longer have the time to commit to F5B at a high level so it’s pointless me having all this good kit and not using it.
I’m not giving up, just backing off a bit and only need one or two airframes. I’m not bothered if I keep Speedfires or Avioniks so will list all here and see who’s interested in what....

Avionik B17 number 1
Built to the highest standard. Has less than 10 flights on it. Including elevator servo. £900

Avionik B17 number 2
The build has been started but not finished. Fin glued in, wing untouched. £900

Speedfire 2’s
I have four of these.
The best has less than five flights on it, £800

Two are in really good condition, about one and a half seasons old. £700 each

The fourth has seen a bit of action, some scuffs and scrapes on the wing, had a new fuz last season £600

All airframes have KST08 servos.

Various motors, all for 10s....

Jeti motor with Neu P32 gearbox, 3 of these available. £185 each

Neu 1512 2.5D
Some std rotor, some TL4 rotor. One is brand new, just returned from Neu as warranty replacement. £225 for the new one, £175 for the others (not sure how many I have!)

Neu 1412 2.5D
Two available, one has a new rotor, just returned from Neu warranty repair £185 and £175

Castle ESC’s
Edge 160’s £170
Edge 120’s £150

Cellpro 10xp charger £80

I will also be needing someone to take over looking after the course kit please. I think I’ve got all of it with me again.

Steve B