UK Nationals - Start list etc

Alan Flockhart

Evening All,
Attached is the start list for tomorrow.   I propose we fly in 3 groups as there are 9 of us.  6 people should be enough to man the course and time etc. 
Gates will be open from 8am (likely earlier as well).   Course setup from 9am.  Pilots briefing 9:40 ..... First flight is taking off at 10 am.
CD - Greg / Or if an issue with Gregs flight then Dick.
Remember all hands on for course setup etc before we do test flights.
See you all tomorrow.

Pilots briefing will include:

  1. Start Order
  2. Split for helpers -
    1. If enough people volunteers to pick a spot and stay there for that portion of the round.
    2. We need Base A / Base B / Timer x 2 / Launcher & Caller / Computer person if we have enough spare people?!
  3. Lunch break!!
  4. If something goes wrong during your flight a re-flight can be requested. Please approach the CD and explain the problem. One should though remember the fair play theme. One should not wait to the end of your flight and work out you need more points. Examples of where a re-flight could be requested are:
    1. The timing system stops
    2. Overflight of the speed course by another model / full size aircraft.
      1. If due to low flying aircraft during the legs the Base A judge and caller should advise pilot.  We cannot have pilot pulling out then demanding a re-fly as normal course of action – However pilot needs to ensure safety first. Just because you have a cut or ‘motor on’ isn’t an excuse to use the aircraft in the vicinity.
    3. Judging error on the bases.
  5. Pilot is responsible for checking their GasBox is configured correctly (this includes being plugged into course PC before flight).  Any anomalies and you get a 0 score. You can request a refly from CD if you have valid reason – Only one we can think of is:
    1. If GasBox is unplugged by 3rd party (If you do unplug someones GasBox by mistake please shout out – I’ve done it in the past and so have others when getting your GasBox setup).
  6. Once plane leaves launchers hand your flight has started. Issues like Prop coming off / Model not switched on / GasBox not plugged in / GasBox not setup correctly. etc do not constitute an automatic reflight. 
    1. Extenuating circumstances as noted above could mean a refly is granted - Request via CD.
  7. GasBox setup (If unsure please ask).
    1. Ensure TX and clone RX will talk to each other with RX in plane turned off.
    2. Plug in RX to throttle channel
    3. Switch on GasBox
    4. Check there is a signal (Bottom right digits should read 32-32 or similar – No funny symbols)
    5. Motor off – Press button black button on side of GasBox (listen for beep then release)
    6. Motor on – Check left hand of the above numbers goes up to near 80.   Press STOP button (listen for beep then release)
    7. Before your flight plug in RS232 cable to PC (Do not remove current pilots GasBox until legs are complete – Wait about 10 secs for data to be transferred)
    8. If you wish you can double check GasBox is working by viewing “motor on” is shown on course PC display.
    9. Make sure your name is highlighted on the computer in blue – Fn (Page Up / Home) on the keyboard. If we fly in order then it automatically selected the next pilot.
  8. Watch for flying through course in duration – We have had a number of encroachments at previous events. In the future CD will be giving a warning to the pilot then next issue 100 point deduction for that round.    No need for it – We don’t care if the lift is there…..
  9. Base A and B judging
    1. Much sure when judging you don’t lean on the pole. This can mean the course is shortened or lengthened. Move seat forwards if you need to.
    2. If you make a mistake on the bases please put your hand up and say so.  Pilot will either get a refly or we can add a base or 2 to the score depending on the issue. Flag issue straight after distance task.
    3. Base A – Press button every time plane goes past the line – If you want a refresher just shout.
    4. Pilots do not hassle the base judges. If you feel an error has been made approach the CD.
  10. Pilot and Timer need to initial the score cards
  11. Duration timing – The duration ends when the model comes to rest – Not when it first touches the ground.   Accepted this is very hard to judge on most occasions.
  12. No fly zones – No argument on these. If unsure check with CD before flight. They will be pointed out during briefing.  1 warning (per round) and then zero score if further encroachments – We don’t want to lose fields by overflying the wrong place.
  13. We will try and rotate the CD during the course of the year. Ideally the CD will have 2+ years of F5B competition experience. Shout if you really want the job!
  14. Appeal the scores within 2 days of results being posted for the comp….
  15. We will try and check the course files after each round in an attempt to reduce any problems.

Pre Comp Checklist for everyone flying

  1. Make sure your RX pins are shielded for GasBox - Otherwise they short out on the GasBox.
    1. Put on extension cable on the Throttle channel
    2. Label on RX so you know it is yours
    3. Velcro on RX. - So it attaches to GasBox - Both genders on GasBox
  2. At home test your course RX is bound to the TX.  Know how to turn the plane and course RX on without arming ESC.   You can test the course RX with a normal RX power source and a servo in the throttle channel.  ** Make sure the plane is safe - No need for power pack in plane when testing **
  3. In FAI check that you are able to read the Wmin values from the limiter and it is setup for the correct shunt current. Generally 400A.  You can choose to have the limiter enabled or not. 
    1. If unsure about the setup please ask. We are all willing to assist.
  4. Ensure you know where the following switches are
    1. Landing mode for getting butterfly enabled
    2. Any volume control / off switch for the vario information during the legs :)   

Course Setting up

  1. Base A and B siting lines - When setting these up please ensure that they are
    1. Tight - So wind doesn't move them much - Gales we can't do much about
    2. Only a single siting line to look down - We will modify the lines to make this easier.
    3. High enough for tall people to fit under