Wetlands 12-8-18 & League results

Steve Burns <steve.burns@...>


Attached is the results from today’s comp at Wetlands and the league standings so far.

Thank you to everybody who was at Wetlands today and also thanks for your help in running a good comp.

It goes to show we shouldn't worry about the weather until we're on the field as we got four rounds flown without any delays for the weather, in fact the worst we had was a few drops during the start of the first round but not enough to stop the flying.

Conditions were good but a fairly low cloud base that wasn't a problem for visibility was causing most of us to not climb high enough on the course and the low leg scores and W/mins used reflect this. Some of us did figure that out towards the end of the day but other issues stopped us going faster, my motor on in round four cost me dearly and Jos had speed controller issues for all of his fourth round flight.

Congratulations to Greg for the comp win and to Jos for taking the lead in the league. It's still all to play for with the league as Alan can beat Jos (by 0.04 points) if he wins the last event at Hawling.

Hope to see you for practise soon.

Steve B 

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