Wetlands Competition 3 11-6-17 results and league standings [2 Attachments]

Kyri Christodoulou

Thank you all for your hospitality, and help - it was great to fly the course again!!! Great to see old friends and meet new ones, 

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Results for today’s comp and league standings to date attached. I think Greg and myself would be OK with declaring the league as final as it stands ;) 

Well done to all who flew in the very difficult conditions which saw planes going very slow, turbulence big enough to turn the plane inverted, sink strong enough to bring the sky itself down along with wind so strong that Dick had to do a 25 metre sprint to recover the base B chair.

It was good to see Kyri back after many years away from F5B. He was flying a model that was current last time he flew, a Surprise 11, and although a fair bit lighter now fitted out with LiPo's he and it did very well in the conditions flying a best of 28 legs. I'm not sure how that compares to the scores of back in 2004 ish but it looked pretty good to me and good to see another intermediate competitor. 

Well done to Tony W for another top performance in intermediate class and Greg for taking the win in open class, getting the better of Jos by just 1 point.

I'm hoping for some better weather for the next event, our eurotour on 15th & 16th of July at Woodchurch.
Hope to see you all there.